Video Submission: Primal Winds – Griefers

Video Submission: Primal Winds – Griefers.

About Primal WindsDistrict Prime and Iron Wind, better known as Toronto hip hop duo Primal Winds, are on a revolutionary rap journey with their new album, The Renegades. Prior to the release of this passion project, Primal Winds dropped their ode to hip hp and their hometown, T-Dot Stand Up, their pirate-themed Give No Quarter, their cowboy-themed Cut You Down, and their post-apocalyptic rap-rock album, Road Warriors, their first on Hand’Solo Records, along with various conceptual singles/videos. 
About GriefersOnline gamers are surely familiar with the troll sub-species known as The Griefer, a bad faith player who uses aspects of the game in unintended ways to harass other players. With “Griefers”, the first single from new Primal Winds album The Renegades, District Prime and Iron Wind make their case for rising up against the system, or griefing the establishment, with tight, evolving deliveries over a hard, grinding synth-wave hip hop beat by Iron Wind, who also provides two further equally heavy alternate version to accompany his original, while DJ Matto takes the track in another direction with his airy, ethereal remix featuring new cuts for the chorus. And as usual, the duo deliver another incredible video filmed in a unique setting filled wth neon lights and oddball props, shot and edited by talented workhorse Patrick Younger. Join the revolution, fight for the user!

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