THE GREY Official Video By The Legend Adam Bomb

THE GREY OFFICIAL VIDEO Directed by: Dan LeMoyne for Mad Ruk Entertainment (@danlemoyne @mad.ruck) Produced by: Big Tweeze (@bigtweeze) Additional production by: Big Sproxx (@sproxx) and Truss (@trussproducts) Additional vocal by: Steve De Medeiros From the album “On The Road To Riches & Rehab” Handsome House Follow Adam Bomb: Facebook: @adam.bomb.81 – Instagram: @thelegendabomb –… Twitter: @_Adam_Bomb_ – visit: for more info. ‘The Grey’ Lyrics: Lost souls, Blood stains, On the grass, near the stash from the drug raids. The Street-sweeps, the Stakeouts, 28 Lane-way Escape routes. Base-heads, crack fiends, Needles like they’re handing out vaccines. Begging for dope, dead broke so they ask please, Can’t give ’em hope cuz they don’t know what that means. The under-aged, over-exposed, Stolen youth, Stolen cars, stolen clothes. LAs, Essex Boys, Neighbourhood complaints of excessive noise. Cuz the gun shots, wake babies, While perverts snatch kids and rape ladies. And any known snitch pushes straight daisies, What you know about the Pits in the late 80’s? What you know about 3 and a Half? About Tug, bout Shking, bout Steve and them cats, Like Joe, like Bones like Nino and Pat, Where Jay, Will, Dougie Cole and Paul Jesus was at. The forefathers trained a boy to be on his rep, And the importance of retaining loyalty and respect. They said ‘never fear a fight but try to deter wars, Since the world’s yours and ain’t no point in leaving it yet. Get your cash up, stash what you can on the side, Greed ain’t as bad for a Man as his pride, Keep your family as the first thought you have in your mind Cuz it’s the only thing you’ll want in that ambulance ride’. Sometimes sharing tomorrow means selfishness today, Sometimes heaven lets hell get in the way. Sometimes the bad are good and predators are just as helpless as the prey, It’s not all black & white here, welcome to the Grey.

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