THC Presents: MikeAll – Eh Plus (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

2 High Media would like to thanks MIke All for allowing us to create this video for him. Artist: MikeAll Track: Eh Plus Filmed & Edited: 2 High Media Filmed with a Nikon D3400, and Huawei P30 pro SPOTIFY… APPLE… GOOGLE PLAY… IG @mikeall_hiphop FB YOUTUBE… BANDCAMP

MikeAll -Eh Plus

(Chorus) “I represent for Canada‎ where everybody say Eh like Juelz Santana does/ [4x] (Verse1) Alpha acapellas accompany audio/ Adept at adapting assemble audibles/ Awesome afterglow attributes Amethyst‎/ Assessments animate Antonio’s animus/ Accomplishments aren’t anonymous‎/ Amnesiacs aware adhere an audience/ ‎Astonishing ad-libs attack archenemies/ Average acts arresting artistry/ Artery atrophy advancements amiss/ Aftermath acclaiming ass as A-list/ Ace aviator applauded at Apollo/ Accelerate at amber ambitions auto-/ ‎ -tune anti aspire alto/ Although also as low as Aldo/ ‎All-pro Allen Argonaut aim/ Analysts A. Magnum’s always A- (Chorus) ‎(Verse 2)‎ Amazing orations annihilate layman/ Profane acclaimed lame’s statements ain’t salient/‎ Ancient adjacent foundation based/‎ Salutations JA DJ paved way/ Vociferate grenades penetrate barricades/ Aim’s terminating appropriating snakes/ Desecrate airwaves payola rotations/ Stagnating creation imagination’s waning/ Waken caged bravery’s a waste/ Rain Oasis stay making waves/ JD Underestimate GTA/ Face shame fate replay Vapors tape/ ‎ Break’s Matrix laced KO main stage/ Engage hesitate MJ fade away/ Brains stained engrave MikeAlls’s name/ Denouement phrase hey say Eh(AMEN)!- 1Blood, 1Love MikeAll music @………

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