Submissions For 2 High Media’s Compilation Album Is Open.

Submissions For 2 High Media’s Compilation Album Is Open. It will be the 3rd installment of the series featuring upcoming Hip Hop artist from around the globe. As usual the songs have to be originals made by you, and prefer unreleased tracks. So as to not interfere with what you have out on other platforms already. Such as Youtube, Soundcloud, and any other digital store. The submission fee is $15. This fee will go towards help with promotion. 2 High Media will also take 20% from any profits generated from sales.

All artist also retain 100% of their songs. We will never claim ownership.

The final album will be submitted to music blogs, radio stations, playlist curators, and DJs globally , so bring your top content. So make you push the album as well in order to get it out more to the world.

Hopefully this release wont be taken down because of the fact that someone reported the track of a artist as fraud, and got the release shut down, as well as forcing us to pay a fee for the illegal use. SO please make sure your fans know that your are on a compilation album. so that stupid fans can’t mess up the release by not realizing it is a compilation album featuring up coming artist from around the globe.

It isn’t a huge number, but we have given out at least $800 in royalty payments so far over the past 4 years, so lets try to make this number bigger so the artist can get paid.

Check out 2 of our previous releases.

If you would like to submit a track please email submissions to SUBJECT: THC SUBMISSION

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