Primal Winds – Neon Lights (Lyric Video)

Fighting the system is hard work and sometimes you just need a break. But how are a pair of programs supposed to do that in The Grid? Head to Argon Square, of course. So when Primal Winds need a break from the doom and gloom of their fourth album, The Renegades, which explores how the dark themes of Tron parallel our own world, District Prime and Iron Wind jump on their light cycles and hit the city to let loose for “Neon Lights”. Wind’s original production is a head-nodding throwback to inspirational 80s movie montages anchored by a soulful hook from frequent collaborator Alexa Ourania. The single also includes a mellow, introspective boom bap remix from DJ Matto while The Cybertronic Spree drummer Rumble kicks the drums and synth into overdrive to transform the song for his remix. In addition to these three catchy versions of one song, “Neon Lights” also receives the lyric video treatment thanks to Janelle Designs. …Because you deserve it, program!

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