Out February 26th. Tycoons “From Whence It Came”

Tycoons “From Whence It Came”


This LP is inspired by trap music. I added my own twist and style and wanted to keep things funky. I had a great time making this project. It is a style of music that brings a lot of energy and I wanted to convey that through in my own way. I love making music that makes people want to dance so I hope these tunes can get you all pumped up for a workout or having a great time partying and dancing. I also had a fun time searching through the forest in my backyard for this LP cover. I remember this place from when I was a kid and it was creepy so I always wanted to have the image of this place for some kind of project. I titled this Project “From Whence It Came”, because I loved that this is how the Balroc in Lord of The Rings was spoken of, anyway, let me know how you all like this album.

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