New Features For Distribution Users

New Features For Distribution Users.

Today we would like to announce a few new updates to the site. We hope you find they=m useful, and we have more to come.

1. Automatic Payment Splits

Payment Splits are now live in artist dashboards with the addition of a new Payment Splits tile. The Payment Splits feature allows multiple song collaborators to receive a split percentage of royalty payouts on a release, direct to their bank account.  Payment Splits is a powerful tool for artists, managers and labels to cut down on costly accounting time and ensure all parties get their share of royalties. This feature is free for artists to access, and it is also FREE for collaborators to sign up to receive their royalty splits.

2. Improved Royalties Dashboard

We’re also thrilled to launch today our improved artist royalties dashboard, giving you more transparency and understanding when it comes to how royalties are calculated.  In the dashboard artists will also be able to see a split shares history table and have the ability to update future royalties if split shares change over time. The new dashboard gives a huge level of detail and transparency.

3. Artificial Streams

Don’t use fake streams because they are being tracked, and if found. Your royalties will be withheld. SO careful what service you use for promotion. We have a small marketing team that can help you with real views if you have a budget to work with.

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