New EP Submission: “The Cure” The Mighty Capeech

New EP Submission: “The Cure” The Mighty Capeech.



Everybody write up: The Mighty Capeech waves a middle finger F you to all Hip Hop caricatures on this new smoke “Everybody”.

Nice & Easy: The Mighty Capeech is here!  Over a dub poetry style beat, Capeech kicks a “Bonnie & Clyde” story about a bank heist, leaving with the money & his lady. 

Wray & Nephew write up: The Mighty Capeech drops a hip hop-reggae hybrid with a new track “Wray & Nephew”.  Building from a choppy baseline with horns, Capeech speaks to his West Indian roots. 

Saving My Love write up: is a verbal tongue lashing to an unfaithful female by The Mighty Capeech, an epic love song about their time together.

Yo Bro write up: FYI, The Mighty Capeech is latest rapper out of #the6ix making a name for himself. His latest track “Yo Bro” is a summer anthem which takes you back when things were calm, simple & rappers made music for listening pleasure. Drip chill Capeech shows love to dead homies & calls out racial profiling cops. Slick, thoughtful rhymes and mellow Rel McCoy production from the Toronto-based artist.

Bio: The Mighty Capeech has been making ground on the CMJ Hip Hop Charts since 2015 with an upbeat feel & boom-bap, Primo-style beats (heavy drums and soul samples) & raps that never disappoint. Influenced by Rakim, Gangstarr, Mobb Deep & Tribe Called Quest. You were waiting for someone to bring that 90’s hip hop back. Capeech is your guy.

Bandcamp –

Instagram – @themightycapeech

Twitter – @Themightycap

Youtube – The Mighty Capeech
Soundcloud – The Mighty Capeech

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