Mickey O’Brien Releases The Single For “Get My Girl Back Day” , And Video!

 At Hand’Solo Records, things are slowly ramping up to a year of great releases, including a new album from Touch I’m very excited about, and a third album from Backburner, finally! But at this time I want to tell you about the new single and video released by Mickey O’Brien today. On “Get My Girl Back Day”, O’Brien pleads his case for reconciliation with his ex-girlfriend and soulmate. The single is also the opening song on Twin Flame – The Honey Bear Saga, a 6-song EP produced by Fresh Kils that’s dropping on Valentine’s Day. By the end of the EP, the listeners will learn whether O’Brien gets his girl back, or not. We would love to get the word out about this new release, so I’m hoping you will be willing share the song, the video, and/or the pre-order for the EP — whatever floats your boat — on your site. Any links and information you should need can be found below, but if you should require anything else, please feel free to reach out.
About “Get My Girl Back Day” (the single)

For the LOVE. That is what motivates Sudbury, ON-based rapper Mickey O’Brien to create music, his honest, no-bullshit rhymes about the actual trials of daily life. With the new single, “Get my Girl Back Day”, O’Brien marks a new era for himself as an artist. The first release from the upcoming 6-song EP Twin Flame – The Honey Bear Saga, produced entirely by Juno-nominated producer and live MPC button-masher Fresh Kils, “Get My Girl Back Day” meditates on what it means to be in love in the modern age. It’s an honest and open exploration of the challenges overcome on the twin flame soul journey to union, love and happiness.

Lyrics written and performed by Mickey O’Brien
Produced by Fresh Kils
Cuts by Uncle Fester

About “Get My Girl Back Day” (the video)

In true hip-hop style, like a beat maker with samples, Greenboots has chopped up romance film A Love Story, currently celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, to create the visuals for “Get My Girl Back Day”, including the addition of movie dialogue into the song. The video collage plays with classic and somewhat stereotypical images of what romance is, something a man like Mickey O’Brien rejects yet craves simultaneously.



Download EP or purchase limited edition cassette of Twin Flame – The Honey Bear Saga


Release Parties

Toronto (Feb 12): https://www.facebook.com/events/212306976601805/

Sudbury (Feb 13): https://www.facebook.com/events/2204191246555525/

Social Media

Twitter and Facebook: @oborebody
Instagram: orebody
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