Maestro ft. Classified – “REACH FOR THE SKY” (Try)

director: Bruce Carson
record label: Wes Williams Inc.
producer: Carson D
assistant director: Patrick Hepburn
director of photography: Dave Stuart
first assistant camera: Andrew Curr
B – camrea op: Kevin Packer
make up & hair: Andrea Burg
wardrobe stylist: Yossi Fisher
key grip: Caley Wilson
electric: Tony Rainer
casting: Olivia le Bihan
editor: Dan Racicot (aprespost)
colour house: Red Lab

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© 2013 Wes Williams Inc. All Rights Reserved

Produced in Co-operation with MuchFACT, A Foundation to Assist Canadian
Talent, Supported by MuchMusic/MuchMore Networks

Guest appearances by:
Mell….TONE  MASON, Bill Yoon, Kristin Fairlie
Dwayne Morgan, Kaleb Simmonds, Miku Graham, Rich London, 2 Rude, Chris Champion, Mike Echlin, Omar Raid, Barry Walsh, Muneshine, Trish, DJ Mel Boogie, Mona Kiran, Sarah Forrest , Cle Bennet, Kyle (Kap) Oneoh, Evan Clifford , Huse Madhavji, Jim Cuddy, Saidah, baba Taliba, Kevin James, JD Era, Trix, Willy Stouts, Ivana Santilli, James Cybulski, Michie Mee, Ghettosocks, Che Kothari

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