Listen To “Don’t Matter To Me”(DREW EDGHILL Remix) By DREWEDGHILL (AKA Canadiano)

Drew Edghill is a very diverse independent music artist. Born & raised in Montreal, Canada. Drew spent many of his childhood years living in Fort Lauderdale before moving back to Montreal. Being raised in the cultures of Guyanese, Trinidadian & North American, Drew developed his talent growing up in the streets of  NDG being surrounded by music and culture and  was also influenced and inspired by his father’s musical talents.Music is in his blood.In 2002, he moved to Ireland, where he quickly gained the respect and support of some of the UK’s top music influencers as he has performed all over the UK, even playing with the likes of KRS1, Clinton Sparks and others befor even having any music released.He is a true Artist.  Being a true believer in the universe and all of it’s power, Drew has shown his amazingly grounded & spiritual side. His diversity as an artist is real.His videos show his talents as a singer, MC, actor, writer & composer, creating music of many different genres. He has performed at major venues around the world. Drew was also part of a soulful band called Delectable Mellow, where he was the lead singer. He has also worked in the Electronic Dance Music scene, as his track “Freak Show” was released worldwide, and was also supported worldwide at many festivals including “WMC” where it received support from Paul Van Dyke. It has also been supported by Dirty Vegas & Marco Ferrero. As an independent artist Drew has proved that he also understands the business side as he even went on a one month tour which began in Baltimore, and had him performing all over the USA across 15 cities including California, Texas, Denver, The Carolinas, and many more locations, and he even pressed up merchandise and moved it all over the USAs an independent artist he has travelled and worked real hard to gain the respect of the industry proving that his work ethic proves dedication and sacrifice.He brings his positive energy to the stage, and connects with his audience, getting them involved in the show. A true Artist. His First Official Debut album is now out on all major platforms entitled “Life On The Edge” and is destined to make his mark in the music world Drew is currently back in Montreal Ready to Rock

Drew Edghill

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