Introducing Content ID And Things To Know.

Introducing Content ID, And Things To Know.

Just so you know: Beware of use!

Located in teh release upload section. Decide per release. AudioSalad helps us help you. SO don’t dispute them, they are working for you.

Under our deal, we currently manage our Youtube Content ID through a partner company called AudioSalad. They manage our rights on the platform and ensure all dual claims are dealt with and that we are maximizing our content ID revenue for our artists and partners. This means that if an artists content is claimed by us they will see the claimant name as ‘AudioSalad’ in their Youtube CMS.

2 High Media/2 High Media Music Distribution will be usng AudioSalad for claiming the content on your/Artists behalf and the Artist should avoid disputing these claims. We can whitelist a particular channel or video if the artist does not want it claimed, you just need to contact us via the support form.

On the public side of Youtube, when 3rd party UGC content is claimed by us, in the video credits section you will see the label or artist name as well Audiosalad – but it will be written as ‘Licensed to Youtube by AudioSalad (on behalf of <label name>)’. 
For Youtube Art Tracks (eg. on Topic videos), it works differently (and much better!). You will see the line ‘Provided to Youtube by <label name>’ – where label name is the label field submitted during the upload process. In terms of the process, when we switch on Content ID, the artist will have the option to enable it on the final page of the upload process. Artists/you should not be turning this on if they have unlicensed or purchased content that they do not own 100% (eg. beats etc)

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