SET QUALITY TO 1080P DOWNLOAD NOW… SOUNDCLOUD… Frankie Payne is back with another banger “Waiting to die”. With hard hitting lyrics and an intricate flow pattern Frankie spits nothing but hot lava all over this track. The beat, produced by Fameless beats a production team home grown in Toronto is a powerful composition of banging heart pumping drums and intense melodies of sound manipulation. Waiting To Die is about Frankie’s legacy and life. His realization through life experiences that we are all just Waiting to Die if we aren’t do anything. Its motivation music! Waiting To Die We are all waiting to die From the moment we open our eyes We forget how fragile life is and how fast it fly’s by Even while under attack we look past the harsh reality, not blind to warnings signs Just denying what we know in our heart is destruction approaching And still we entertain hopping Ya, I hope I’m paranoid I hope when I see those lights in the rear view and my soul screams “DEATH” that I’m just over reacting. I hope that one of these federal candidates does something great that makes me want to vote That makes my soul says yes cause right now they make it say “nope” This is why mothers cry This is why lovers try This is why life is precious Because nothing lasts forever And you can fear the wolves forever But remember the sheep are no better Shame on us for fighting, and for not uniting, and for not igniting The flames of change Where the wicked bathe Don’t be afraid but the beds we have made could lead to a dangerous times So we should draw up a plan And build what we can Until then we’re just Waiting To Die. – Frankie Payne FPA @iamfrankiepayne @Fameless For bookings contact

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