DannyMac’s “Payday Junkie Girl” Out Now

Payday Junkie Girl:


This track is about them girls we all know that love to spend their monthly money on one big session and go without for the rest of the month. This was the track submitted to 2highmedia so i released it first. Looking back i should have put more tracks with it but you live you learn. Its a Catchy little Pop-Punk track thats right to the point.
Maybe Nothing: Just a track about the up’s and downs of young love. Wondering if you can be bothered with it at all. It’s a Pop Punk track influenced by bands like Blink182, Sum41 & early Greenday. Didn’t take long to write, only about a day in total with recording included.
Wash Your Hands:This track is about the pandemic and the government lockdown restrictions in the U.K.We had a 4 tier system that wasn’t doing anything to stop the virus and how 30 people at a party was now illegal. All we could do is follow lockdown rules so i pointed a few of these out in a pop punk track.
Glass Pipe Murder:This song is a little close to home. Early last year 3 of my friends were stabbed and one killed in a knife attack. The group guilty of the crimes are known crack dealers in the local area and this is just a little overview of what happened on that sad day. The track is Rancid influenced in style, little more hardcore than the other 3 tracks.
Wish I Was A SkinheadThis is a fun Ska-Punk track i wrote in a few hours about wanting to be a skinhead.I love the cherry red boots a green bomber jackets. Ive always thought it to look cool and i love making Ska-punk tracks. This track is Bad Manners influenced and other 80’s Ska bands.
Gotta Win (Turn Up The Bass)This is another fun Ska-Punk track, kinda sounds like Lar’s from Rancid in places but over all the songs about being stuck in a place you’ll never escape, hoping to someday win or doing all you can to do so.  
Ah Sh%tThis is where i was just being silly with my lyrics but its about failed love attempts and wondering whats wrong with you. Part of the Ska-Punk Ep Bring a fun and catchy two-tone vibe.BUT kinda sounds like “Wanna Be A Skin Head” SO i think this could be a fail track but i still like it all the same.
Never Gonna Get You:I really like the music for this one, i had horn section added via the midi controller i have. Really added to the tune. This ones about loss and dealing with it. Not my best work but its still a good track to just chill to.

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