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 Big Condo Records new artist Emily Callacher has a new release called ( Fragments ) being released on the 26th march via spotify and Tidal
Emily Callacher is a Liverpool acoustic artist and musician who has been performing since she was 14
years old. Over the past 5 years, she has performed all over the northwest at launches and promotional nights, the bigger highlights are performing at festivals like Bickerstock festival and performing in Spain at the Barcelona Irish fest. Emily started music when she was just 14 working with the piano but she found real musical love when she picked up a guitar, she states that her father would play all the golden oldies in the car on the way to music classes and she loved that type of music. Emily has won a number of Songwriting competitions including the 24 songwriting challenge with my circus mind. When Emily was 16 she was part of a local all-female Liverpool band called Marshmallow Skies who battled it out for the prize to win Battle Of The Bands and falling just short.
Emily Callacher - Fragments artwork.jpg
Emily is a young talented musician and she likes to act as well with roles in the jungle book at Liverpool theatre and recently been cast in a movie. Emily is currently working on her first E.P which is to be called Fragments and she has new single coming out called Fragments, which is about fragmented memories of a passe loved one, she highlights this in the song with angelic tones. Emily is really excited about her 2nd release which is soon to drop on Spotify, Apple and tidal, Deezer on the 26th march 2021 with a music video to follow. Emily Callacher signed to Liverpool based indie label Big Condo Records in the summer of 2019 and the label says she is definitely one to watch as she works to be a future star.
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