Chadio & The Dirty Sample – “Pot Roast”.

About “Pot Roast”
The second visual accompaniment for Chadio & The Dirty Sample’s No Wives Club is for the song “Pot Roast”, a straight up weed jam. The video was shot (and edited) by Chadio in his living room, where he kicks his rap flow into high gear over a string-laden, rumbling beat by The Dirty Sample. The video is short and to the point with a pair of Chadios involved in a dangerous little smoke session in his apartment, trading razor sharp raps while the smoke alarm is unplugged to avoid any interruption! The single also includes a spooky, contemplative flip from Imaginations Treetrunk mainstay Aalo Guha.

Social Media:
Chadio: @chadio (FB) and @chadiotreetrunk (IG and Twitter)The Dirty Sample: @thedirtysample (FB and IG)
Thanks,Thomas QuinlanHand’Solo

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