Camp Lo x Bobby $hmurda – This Is Hot, What (Nappy DJ Needles Blend)

5 years ago today I posted one of my blends that would quickly take on a life of it’s own. It went from a simple idea in my head, to an experiment in my studio, to countless views, shares, reposts, and recognition from a number of websites, to being used for routines and battles by dancers all over including Les Twins, to a co-sign from Camp Lo themselves. I just wanted to take a sec to acknowledge and thank everyone who helped this blend travel the world – so to commemorate it’s 5th anniversary, allow me to reintroduce my pairing of Camp Lo’s verses from their 1996 classic “Luchini” over the instrumental of Bobby Shmurda’s 2014 street banger “Hot N***a”…please to enjoy✌🏾 ***No copyright infringement is intended – All rights go to artist(s) and associated labels***

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