Directed by: Nick Telesca (@telescaphoto) & Big Sproxx (@sproxx)
Drone Footage by: Justin Louis for SkyHi Aerial Services (@skyhi_toronto)

Produced by: Big Sproxx

Handsome House/Proletarian Music
From the album “Live From Larstone”.
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‘Sister Bessie’ Lyrics:

Rhyming since crazy young, dying since ’81,
Live for the stage and the silence it saves me from.
Some say he’s done but I stay in pure defiance,
And I stand behind the failure or the triumph that I may become.
The past made me numb, the future pays the price,
Presently, ‘Whatever Works’ is my way of life.
Sister Bessie still suggesting I pray to Christ,
I ask how many in the grass got the same advice?
If there’s a higher power, I respect its reign,
But don’t accept the credit and not expect the blame.
Who gets to claim all that’s Able while forgetting Cain?
Who selects the name of the victim listed next as ‘slain’?
Who infects the brain with pain for a newborn?
How much was gained by a slave with a noose on?
When all the food’s gone and some don’t get a plate,
Then someone made a mistake.
Yet no one is saying you wrong.
Or is my view wrong?
Should I see just the good?
Or just be glad for what we have no matter what we could?
Forever faithful but I’m finished with religion,
Cuz either you don’t care or you ain’t there.
Which one is it?

Grandpops had twins when he was younger,
One died a kid and the other was my mother.
So I wonder, how could he step foot in a church?
Once he saw his daughter put in a hurse – a blessed curse
Cuz it could’ve been worse, if neither were saved.
I guess the Lord works in mysterious ways.
Cuz yesterday’s sorrow builds strength for tomorrow,
Plus I heard His word helped a couple friends out the dark so
I marvel at the miracles but question when they’re missin’
Life must be out your hands or death is a decision.
Forever faithful but I’m finished with religion,
It’s either your powers or it’s ours.
Which one is it?

Before the greed of man, it was all free land,
We drew borders in the sand and the wars began.
To expand our power and control more soil,
We had to figure out how to keep the soldiers loyal.
How ’bout a story that explains the past?
We’ll build structures with statues and stain the glass.
We’ll congregate every week, we’ll name it ‘Mass’, we’ll ask
Who’s devout and those who doubt will have to face the wrath.
See that injects the feat but obedience first,
With promises of paradise for people of worth.
And threats of the opposite for souls that oppose,
Cuz who knows where it goes when it’s leaving the earth?
Except the self-appointed. Full of bias advice,
From a book that was took as a guidance to life.
We’ll sing tales of morality, psalms and prayers,
Instill ’em in our children and it’s on to theirs.
Til affairs of the world are all structured by laws,
We invented and pretended are instructions of God’s.
So odds are folks will believe what we wrote,
If they want to wake up with that feeling of hope.
And they’ll defend it to the death if they thought it was true,
They’ll even pay us to tell ’em what we want them to do.
So sorry Sister Bessie, I don’t mean disrespect,
I know the mission of religion is to keep us in check.
And if the goal was ‘Spread Love’ then we really must’ve missed it.
Is this God’s plan or our scam?
Which one is it?

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